Cleavage Review

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What is Cleavage Kit ?

Cleavage Kit is a featured all- natural breast enhancement product on television. All-natural which means its key ingredients are natural herbs which are known to have breast tissue enhancing properties. Cleavage Kit or simply Cleavage is one of the original breast enlargement supplement plus breast cream formulas since 1995 and it has been making waves in the market ever since.

How Does Cleavage Kit Work?

The Cleavage Kit is a two-step breast enhancement treatment which consists of a twice-a-day pill and a Cleavage Cream.

The supplement has natural ingredients which consist of Fennel Seed, Saw Palmetto, Dong Quai root and Black Cohosh; while cream ingredients are Aloe Vera gel, Black Cohosh extracts, Damiana extracts, Calendula extracts, Palmetto extracts, Dong Quai extracts, vitamin E and C, honey and squalene. All of the mentioned ingredients can significantly improve the volume of breast tissue making breasts fuller, perkier and of course larger up to several cups sizes bigger. Continuous regular use of Cleavage Kit for 6 to 8 weeks can give you amazing results.

It is recommended that the Cleavage Kit supplement be taken one in the morning and one pill at night while the cream massaged once in the morning and once in the evening. The Cleavage cream is best used after bathing while skin is hydrated; using gentle circular motion, massage the cream onto breasts for 5 to 10 minutes. A suggested 6 month program must be followed to fully gain the amazing results of Cleavage Kit.

Does Cleavage Kit Work?

Cleavage Kit is a breast enhancement system which is definitely a much safer breast enlargement technique as compared to using invasive surgical methods. Current surgical methods like using breast implants can instantly give breasts volume but possibilities of leaking and sagging implants are imminent. It is also a pain recovering from breast surgery, increased risk for infections plus constant visits and diagnostic tests to make sure that implants are in place or have not ruptured. It is simply less expensive, economical and practical way to make breast bigger.

What are Cleavage Kit Side Effects?

There are no significant side effects from using Cleavage Kit. However, this product is not advisable for pregnant and breastfeeding women and for women who may have health conditions or taking medications that may cause adverse reactions if taken with Cleavage supplements. Women who have extra sensitive skin must consult their dermatologist before taking any breast creams as well as Cleavage Kit cream. Never use the breast cream on broken, infected or inflamed skin to prevent serious side effects.

Where to Buy Cleavage Enhancers Kit ?

Cleavage Enhancers Kit can be purchased online from Cleavage’s official website at You may choose to place your order by mail or phone. Cleavage provides a 100% money back guarantee minus shipping and handling fees.

How Much is Cleavage Enhancers Kit ?

One month supply of Cleavage Enhancers Kit is $49.98 per bottle. Cleavage recommends a minimum of 2 to 4 months supply of Cleavage Breast Enhancers to achieve a noticeable result.

Currently, there are no bulk deals or special offers provide by the Company. All orders are packed and shipped discreetly. Your name will be protected and there is no auto-ship program.


Cleavage Kit is a perfect alternative for breast surgery and other invasive procedures to make breasts larger. With its herbal ingredients that are known to enhance breast tissue, this product is truly a recommendable one for any woman who wants a safe and truly effective product. Since its introduction in 1995, more and more women have benefited from Cleavage Kit and this is one of the reasons it is still one of the most popular breast enlargement techniques to date.