Bust Fuel Reviews

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What is Bust Fuel ?

Bust Fuel is “fuel” for your breasts to naturally develop tissue using all natural compounds that are not only effective but are also safe to use. It is recommended for women who are born with very little breast tissue as well as women who have lost breast fullness and health due to pregnancy, breastfeeding and the natural effects of aging.

How Does Bust Fuel Work?

The secret of Bust Fuel is its 2 step process which consists of breast supplement pills and breast enlargement cream. The supplement contains natural herbal formulations which are known to improve breast tissue volume.

Herbs like Fenugreek extract, Saw Palmetto Seed, Mexican Wild Yam root, Pacific Kelp, Damiana leaf, Dong Quai root, Motherwort extract, Black Cohosh extracts, Oat Grass, Hops and Blessed Thistle have therapeutic properties that directly work on breast tissue as well as improve reproductive system health, stabilize hormones and improve sexual function. Bust Fuel cream contains soybean oil, natural palm stearic oil, purified beeswax, Volufiline and other chemical ingredients.

Bust Fuel capsules are taken 3 capsules a day preferably with a meal and a full glass of water. Taking one capsule per meal may also be done. The breast cream is massaged onto breast once or twice a day.

Does Bust Fuel Work?

Bust Fuel is certainly a better and safer alternative to breast surgery that can have devastating side effects. Unlike other breast enlargement creams, initial treatment using Bust Fuel is enough. You don’t need to use the product forever to achieve permanent results. A maintenance dose is also recommended to maintain breast fullness; using the product for a 1 – 2 week interval after 4 to 6 months can also help. It is truly a natural alternative to breast lift and using breast implants that can leak and even cause serious adverse effects to health. There is no known disadvantage in using Bust Fuel, it is even recommended in reviews and various consumer sites.

What are Bust Fuel Side Effects?

There are no noted side effects with the use of Bust Fuel. However, if you have a health condition or you are currently taking medications for an illness, talk to your doctor first before taking Bust Fuel Breast Supplement Pills. Never use Bust Fuel if you are pregnant or if you are breastfeeding. The supplement is also not to be used by women who have kidney and liver failure. If you have sensitive skin, talk to your dermatologist before using this product. If you have inflamed skin or broken skin, never use the product. For any signs of irritation after use, discontinue product immediately and consult your doctor.

Where to Buy Bust Fuel Breast Enhancement Cream and Pills?

Bust Fuel Breast Enhancement Kit (Cream and Pills) can be purchased online at Bust Fuel’s official website at www.bustfuel.com. You may place your order by phone or mail.

Bust Fuel is very confident and offers a very generous 100-Day money back guarantee to all its customers. If you are not happy with the product or whatsoever reason, simply return all bottles or jars purchased to Bust Fuel within 100 days of purchase date for full refund (less shipping and handling fees).

How Much is Bust Fuel Breast Enhancement Cream and Pills ?

Bust Fuel Breast Enhancement Kit (Cream and Pills) costs $69.95 per set at Bust Fuel Official Website.

Bust Fuel Cream and Supplement Pills are sold separately at $29.95/Jar and $49.95/bottle respectively. You can choose to buy the product individually, however, it would cost you $10 more.

As the full effects of the enlargement treatment may be noticed within 4 to 6 months period, Bust Fuel recommends users to purchase at least 2 months to 4 months supply. Trying one month may not be sufficient. Currently, the company provides 4 packages for you to choose from, based on your needs and budgets, with total saving up to $140.

The most popular package is the Buy 3 Free 1 package or 4 Month Supply, Saving you $80. Reason why customers love this pack? Simple, the saving together with the 100 Day money back guarantee allow users to have ample time to try out Bust Fuel products with confident.


Bust Fuel is ideal to use by any woman who wishes to uplift breasts without the use of surgical techniques. Because it is made of FDA approved herbs, there is decreased risk of developing side effects or any adverse effects. It is definitely a product that every girl must try.